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Swinburne University

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Victoria University

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  • Training & Development Professional by Vetassess
  • Management Consultant by Vetassess
  • Professional Accountant by CPA Australia
  • External Auditor by IPA Australia


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CDR Report

Are you looking for CDR writers who can help you in writing best quality CDR writing for engineers? We have been assisting students for over two years now, and have maintained 95% success rate. We know what should be included in your CDR reports and what not to include. CDR writing service is for those who are unable to prepare their CDR reports. Rather than submitting incomplete CDR reports, its better to get some professional help with CDR writing. At Edvise Hub we make sure that all CDR reports are completed on time and without any plagiarism, though there might be some similarities due to students own projects that they decide to use for career episodes and summary statements. Engineers who want to migrate to Australia, or students who have completed their degrees in engineering and want to be assessed for their degree need CDR Reports. Though writing your own CDR reports is not that difficult at all, however there are some technicalities in it that needs to be addressed. If you need help or guidance with writing CDR reports or CDR writing than simply give us a call at +61 4242 95050 or book in your session with one of our consultants.

Resume Writing Service

We know the importance of having an up to date resume for any individual. Especially when you are new in the market, or a fresh graduate, than getting the right job would be very challenging. With our resume writing services, you can secure the next job that you want. At Edvise Hub our consultants are well aware of the importance of having the right resume, how to craft a proper professional resume and most importantly what to and what not to include in your resume is also very important. So give us a call if you need some professional help with resume writing services or looking for resume editing.


CV or in other words Curriculum Vitae is another version of resume, that many companies’ employers ask for from candidates. Majority of the students are not even aware of the difference between a CV and RESUME. To clarify, the basic difference between a resume and a CV is length. A curriculum vitae (CV), is a summary of your experience and skills. Whereas on the other hand, a resume provides a summary of education, work history, skills along with other accomplishments. If you need help with your CV writing, or want guidance in writing a proper CV than simply give us a call or book in an appointment.

Career Counseling

A lot of people confuse the term career counseling with education counseling, where in reality they both are different. Career counseling is more about what career, occupation students or an individual can select. How an individual can pursue the career of his dream, what needs to be done, what’s the procedure and most importantly where to start? Career counseling is more about identifying the interests of students and than advising them on the relevant degrees/programs that they can study in order to be able to achieve their dreams. Finding the right degree, advising on the best study options along with industry insights is what involve in career counseling.

Education Consultation

Over the years the trend of providing education consultation has seen immense growth. This clearly indicates the importance of guiding students towards the right education, step by step. To be able to provide educational consultation, its really important for the consultant’s to have the up to date knowledge and experience that will come handy at the time of counseling other students. A lot is dependent on what degree you want to study, which university you want to study from and most importantly what are you aiming to achieve in life as a professional. With the degrees in Master of International Business from (Swinburne University of Technology), Masters of Science in Leadership from (Northeastern University), Master of Professional Accounting from (Victoria University) and over ten years of experience in Tutoring, Consultation and Research has equipped Fahad Shamim with the right tools, knowledge and skills to be able to help both local and international students seeking help with their career and education decisions.

Degree Assessments

For every international student, once they complete their undergraduate or postgraduate degree they have to get their degree assessed from the relevant assessing bodies. Degree assessments are important for not only applying Permanent Residency but it also increases your chances to secure a job within your industry. IPA or CPA usually assesses accounting and similar degrees, whereas business degrees are assessed by Vetassess. Similarly there are other assessing bodies for students who have completed their degrees in engineering, Nursing and Information technology. Getting your degree assessment is very important and having the positive outcome depends a lot on not only on your grades but your previous work experience along with any internship that you may have done in the past.

SOP (Statement of Purpose)

In the process of applying for University admission there are many things that students has to take care of. One of those many things is Statement of Purpose, though writing Statement of Purpose is usually very easy, but fitting in the right information in a limited space is what makes it challenging. Majority of the students struggle with writing projects, and major challenge is just getting started. Statement of purpose is generally considered as an essay that’s one of the most important aspects of any student application. Applying for university admission in Australia, United Kingdom, Canada, or any other Country, most of the universities would like to have a look at your Statement of Purpose. The purpose of writing statement of purpose, is not only to explain or give an overview on who you are, but what are your aims in life, what are you willing to achieve, why you want to study in that particular University and that particular course. Most importantly, how the course you are applying for is going to help you in terms of your career. There’s a lot to consider while writing your statement of purpose, and we can understand that with no prior experience, it can be very challenging. If you need help with writing your Statement of Purpose, than you can simply book in for a one hour consultation session, or give us a call to discuss about the options that you can avail.

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