Why Germany

Germany is one of the most popular study abroad destinations among international students; there are thousands of international students enrolled in different universities all around Germany. Its higher education paradise, unlike any other country, you will find many universities that provide the world’s best education and globally appreciated and recognized degrees. According to the official statistic, around 370,000 international students are seeking university level degrees in Germany and these numbers are increasing with every year.


World-Class Degree:

Germany is among the best countries in the world for providing the best quality of education. Germany has around 450 universities accredited by the state and there are 17500 programs for different degrees in this country. German universities catered most of the subjects which not many universities are offering right now. International students can easily opt for any course they wish for bachelors, master or even doctorate programs. The long tradition of education in Germany is widely respected by the whole world. A degree from a German university can mark international student as one of the best among others.


Job Market:

Germany has a large economy with so many jobs and work opportunities for international students. Germany is a hub to many big industries; Humburg is home to big trade and media companies, Munich and Stuttgart are strong in automotive and manufacturing. Whereas, Frankfurt is the leading financial capital of the country. These cities provide dozens of employment opportunities for graduate students to start their professional life.


No or Low Tuition Fee: 

German public universities do not charge any tuition fee, which means you will be getting the whole degree almost free of cost however for some courses or programs you might need to pay a semester or administrative fee which is relatively lower than many other countries providing the same level of education. The German government provides considerable funding to the universities to wave off the tuition fee and main reasons for this is to encourage international student enrollment.

Bachelor’s degree programs are usually free of cost where you do not have to pay any fee for the degree but most of the masters’ programs you have to pay tuition fees.


Large international community:

Germany has one sizeable international student community in different universities. This community helps international students to make them feel like home and be comfortable with the German lifestyle also helps them sort out different issues and difficulties they face in this new country. It is also a great way to interact with fellow international students who are coming from different cultures and countries.


A beautiful Country:

Germany surely is one of the most beautiful and historic countries in Europe. With rich historical heritage, beautiful wonders and modern metropolises Germany has becomes the ideal tourist destination and then studying here allows you to explore this beautiful country. Also studying in Germany means you can have easy access to other parts of Europe so you can plan your weekends or holidays by exploring the rest of Europe too.

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