Germany Education & Living Expense

Study Cost in Germany:

Germany does not only offer an excellent education but in most of the universities, it is free too, yes! Many universities do not charge tuition fees regardless of which country you are coming from and this is what makes it more attractive. Public universities in Germany do not charge tuition fees or have very low tuition fees for international students. These universities offer courses in almost all fields including business, engineering, medicine, and arts. It is the best option for students who are willing to get an international degree with the best quality of education with low or no tuition fees.

While there is no tuition fee at public universities for domestic and international students both, you might need to pay something called “semester fee” or “administrative fee” But it would be a small amount. It is usually around 300 to 400 Euros. This amount also covers up for public transport around the city and surrounded area.

Living Cost in Germany:

Germany is relatively cheaper than the rest of Western Europe. To live a comfortable life as an international student, you need around 800 Euros per month. This will include accommodation, food, traveling and other expenses.

Cities like Hamburg and Munich may have higher rents but it’s no way near to cities like Paris or London, so its a better option for students willing to get an affordable education.

Getting Visa for Study in Germany:

If you are done with the university application process and need a student visa for Germany then you should apply as soon as possible because this process might take some time. It is advised applying for a student visa at least 3 months before you plan to move. For that, you need to contact the German embassy in your country. OR if you need any help with the requirement and process hire our professional consultant to help you with further details.

Affordable German cities for International students:

It not only what you study that counts but also where you choose to study, Even though most of the public universities do not have tuition fees but there are other expenses that students should think wisely about before selecting their study abroad destination. Following mention cities in Germany are affordable when it comes to rent, food, and other expenses:

  • Bielefeld
  • Frankfurt
  • Halle
  • Passau
  • Krefeld

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