Do you want to study as an international student?

Our team of highly professional education agents will make arrangements of all the things that you are required to do but at free of cost. We will conduct research to find the best educational institute that fits perfectly with your budget and schedule. We offer 100% free services so without delaying you can call or email us now before your visa is expired. We provide services to inform you about the chosen destination, the universities, programs, admissions, accommodations and student Visas. We follow selective global strategy which allows us to perform our services according to the needs of specific market. Our international capacity makes sure that the Edvise Hub consultants are providing recent personal information and a full range of services including but not limited to:

1. Study options by Country by University
2. Advice on English Language Requirements
3. Admissions Application, Guidance on Submission
4. University Follow up on Application & Offer
5. Acceptance on Offer Response and Enrolment
6. Accommodation Services
7. Payment of Tuition/Deposit Fees Services
8. English Language Programs
9. Briefing and Pre-departure Counseling
10. Airport Pick-up Service

11. Arrival Assistance
12. Students Welcoming
13. Banking Services
14. Student Health Insurance
15. Transferring Course, University
16. Credit Transfer Applications
17. Organizing Tutors
18. Additional Studies, Course Counseling
19. Student Supervision Services
20. Travel Services

21. Activities for International students
22. Special Gifts
23. International Student Award
24. Internship and Placement
25. CDR Reports
26. Training and Skills Development.
27. Professional Year
29. PTE

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