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We all at some stage in our life need a mentor. These mentors help us to make critical decisions and get through difficult patches. The word mentor literally means “an experienced and trusted adviser.”  A mentor helps you to set career goals, and develop a path to achieve them.

Difference between coaching and mentoring

Coaching is more of a performance-driving thing. It helps people to perform a practical job in a better way. But mentoring isn’t the same thing. Mentoring is development-driven. It means that mentoring focuses on the development of a mind for a job on hand and tasks to come in the future. A coach will just help you enhance your performance but a mentor will help you became a person who is capable of facing all the challenges that come across while performing a task. A mentor can completely change the direction of your life while a coach focuses on making your current life better. A famous quote says

“A coach has some great questions for your answers; a mentor has some great answers for your questions”

Do you also need a mentor in your life? Are you in need of someone who can give the right direction to your life? Edvise hub is certainly the place to find such a mentor. A highly experienced and capable mentor will help you identify your goals and find ways to achieve them.

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Edvise Hub has 500+ mentors who work closely with you to give a realistic viewpoint about your career goals and enable you to build a successful career.

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What is a career mentor?

A career mentor is one who helps you achieve your career goals by offering you advice and support. Advice and support are the two things that you will need the most while progressing through your career. The job of a career mentor is not just to tell “what to do?” but also to tell “how to do?”

Some people question the role of a mentor in education. The most important role of a mentor is in education because education forms the basis of your career. What about mentoring in higher education? How do you know which field of study should you choose? What about the institutes you should target? This is where a mentor comes into play. A mentor will help you in answering all these questions and find a proper career path for you.

If you are struggling to find a proper career mentor for yourself then you have just come to the right place. Edvise hub expert mentors will help you shape up your career nicely and smoothly. Book an appointment now and start discussing your career goals with our career mentors.

Importance of having a career mentor

People do ask quite often that why do they even need a mentor? What role can a mentor play in their life and career? We all know that life doesn’t follow a straight path. It takes you through many curves of difficulties and challenges. Practically it is impossible for a human being to get on top of all the challenges each time as his/her own. The other thing is that you need an experienced adviser at the decision-making stage because you as an inexperienced person are more vulnerable to make wrong decisions.

This is where a mentor becomes a certain need for you and your career. You need someone who can show you the light in the darkness, who can help you stand firm in front of challenges, and who can give you the confidence of getting out of any situation. A good mentor can either give a proper direction to your career or can entirely change the direction of your career if you are not moving in the right direction.

Choosing the right person is as important as having a mentor in your life. So, make the right choice with edvise hub. Book your appointment now and start working on your career plans.

Qualities of a good mentor

Our mentors at Edvise hub possess all the required qualities of a mentor. These qualities make them the very best and a certain go-to option for the students. Here is a brief list of some important qualities of a mentor.

  • A good mentor is always willing to share his own skills and experiences
  • Takes a personal interest in your problems
  • Exhibits enthusiasm and motivates
  • Gives constructive feedback
  • Values learning process
  • Gives consideration and value to other’s opinion
  • Respects people working around him/her
  • Sets good examples and uses them as a source of motivation

Our Services

Student Consultancy

We offer professional advice and guidance to students wishing to study overseas, either at undergraduate or postgraduate level.

Strategic Consultation

Our experts conduct initial comprehensive brainstorming sessions which involve a precareer testing and personality analysis.

Institute Selection

We synthesise the information gathered during the initial strategic consultation and provide you with a detailed overview of the institute(s) we identify as most fitting.

Supplementary Materials

Our consultants work with students to create specific Letter of Recommendation (LOR) plans for each of individual recommenders.

Scholarships Consultancy

We offer a full scholarship advice to our students and simplify the process. Edvise Hub is dedicated to guide talented students looking for scholarships.

Accommodation Service

We assist the students with accommodation. We provide detailed information to the students with respect to their University/College accommodation, hostel facilities, etc.


We help students with their individual accommodation requirements and guide them with itinerary preparation and flight bookings.

Guidance and Preparation

We offer testing guidance, pair you with teachers, and help you build a testing plan of action

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