About Edvise Hub

EDVISE HUB is a dynamic consultancy company for education and immigration abroad. We have a team of highly professional staff who are committed to working together in order to provide unbiased guidance and counselling services to students who wish to study abroad. We give advice on education and career after analyzing a student’s specified requirements and professional aspirations. Our mission is to work in the education sector, as an intermediary between students and universities, to guide students in selecting the foreign university that suit their academic requirements, future career goals and financial budget.

The vision of EDVISE HUB is to take the profession of education consultancy to the next level by setting up performance at higher standards than they are right now. Our aim is to promote the field of education consultancy to the highest level through exemplary developments. It will benefit not only prospective students but also educational institutes across the globe. Our Team of experienced professionals and trained consultants are well-informed on the rapidly changing skills and knowledge requirements in the professional field, for immigration and in the admission policies of institutes internationally.) We have practical knowledge of recent trends and patterns, as well as on regularly changing admission and visa processes with the passing time. Our team has years of practical experience in solving problems related to course selection, admission process, visa application, immigration and changing universities. The education and career industry is also changing along with the admission process. Our customers who are interested in studying abroad, face a lot of issues while going through the education process. We are here to help them solve these issues and make this process and transition easier. Our experts will assist students who plan to study abroad, through the complete admission and immigration procedures, guiding you to the most suitable institute according to your budget and desired courses. Our goal is to give useful advice and guidance, and to provide high quality immigration services so that your dreams can turn into reality. EDVISE HUB is one of the best organizations that provide high quality and professional services for education and career-related pursuits. We commit to provide premium quality study options for our customers by working with a number of educational institutes around the world. We do our utmost to make the university application process easier for students, to remove any confusion and relieve concerns. We have a strategic and editorial team that works on student applications to ensure the quality is on par with the expectations of their desired universities abroad. We strive to find the most appropriate educational home for you that fits well with your academic needs.


The mission of EDVISEHUB is to make the process of residing, studying, working and visiting any place outside of one's home country, simpler.


Our team at EDVISE HUB believes in aspiring to one’s dream in an active and efficient manner by capitalizing on the use of available resources.


EDVISE HUB strongly believes in working persistently with absolute transparency in order to deliver quality services to its customers.

Our Practice

In order to pursue the education consultant profession we shall:

  • Give unbiased advice
  • Maintain code of conduct at high standards
  • Exercise independence of idea and action;
  • Seek to advance the professional standards of consultancy in education
  • Take appropriate steps to enhance the quality of work.

When we are seeking or accepting professional engagements we shall:

  • Pursue or accept only certain engagements for which we have proper knowledge and experience;
  • Make sure that we have sufficient resources to carry out the task;
  • Clearly explain and confirm in writing, the terms and conditions of the services, including the scope, nature and period of the service to be provided, the allocation of responsibilities, and the basis for remuneration
  • Negotiate while making agreements and charges for professional services in an ethical and proper way.
  • SOP should be made.
  • Checklist for every application for individual countries or institutions.
  • Confirmation of the applicant’s documents.

Message from Founder

Dear Students,

Hello and welcome to Edvise Hub.

We are a professional education consultancy firm that offers the best advice in regards to selecting the appropriate program and university for your higher education.

With my diverse educational background and rich work experience, I and my team, can assure you that we will help our clients in every possible way. I have personally completed Masters in International Business, Global Leadership and Professional Accounting from the US and Australia, so I am very well aware of the hardships that students have to go through when they start searching for international Universities and which programs to apply to and study.

At Edvise Hub, we don’t go for the quantity, instead we focus on quality. For this very reason, we take only a number of applications on board to ensure every client receives a personalized service and to ensure client satisfaction.

The process is simplified only when you consult someone who has the adequate knowledge and can guide you accordingly. I have been helping students in Australia since 2010, with their research projects, university transfers and career-related queries. Now, I am excited to offer our services in Pakistan.

Not only do we intend to guide students on selecting the right universities and gain admission there, but we also aim to help these young, bright-minded individuals move to a different country and settle there properly.

Best Wishes

Fahad Shamim


Melbourne – Sydney – Karachi

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