Career Counselling

When one talk’s about career counseling there are so many questions that come to your mind. Should I really look for career counseling services, would it really help me at all and most importantly whom should I consult as there are so many career counselors.

Well, career counseling is really very important for almost every student who is not sure about what career to choose, which university should he/she look for and most importantly what would be the career outcome. Unlike many western countries, career counseling for school and University students is not common, and this is one of the basic reason many students end up with careers they are not passionate about.

At Edvise Hub, we offer career counseling to students of all age, as we do know that deciding on your career is one of the key decisions of your life. So if you are puzzled about your degree options, not sure which university or college to select, if you should study in one of the local university or should go abroad and study in UK, or study in AUSTRALIA and need some professional guidance, then it would be best to get in touch with one of the educational consultant or a career counselor.

Career Counselling

Best Career Counselors

Once you have made up your mind that you really need some assistance with a career counselor or some guidance from an educational consultant, it is really very important to see if the consultant has the required experience and qualification to guide you. There are so many counselors claiming to be the best, but unfortunately, they don’t have the adequate experience neither the qualification to assist you. So how do you decide, if your shortlisted consultant or service provider would be able to provide you with the competent guidance or assistance.

There are few points to consider when deciding on which career counselor to approach.

  1. Educational Background

It is really important that your educational consultant or career counselor is well educated; he/she has to be well qualified in order to be able to guide you with your concerns and the issues that you are facing. So a career counselor has to have at least Masters Degree, as that simply indicates that he/she is well qualified and well educated.

  1. Work Experience

Look for his work experience, is your consultant a fresh graduate like you, a teacher or someone who have some industry experience at a well-reputed organization. These things will really make a major difference, as someone with heaps of work/industry experience and global exposure would be far better than someone who is a fresh graduate or no experience at all.

  1. Global Exposure

People with international work experience and overseas education are likely to be your best choice. These people not only have the experience but also have the exposure on the basis of what they offer their assistance and counseling services.

Career counseling for Schools and University Students   

Career counseling can be for any one; it can be for someone looking for a career change, for professionals and students as well. Our educational consultants and career counselors at Edvise Hub mainly focus on school and University students, as we believe that students need most help when it comes, making career related decisions, and unfortunately services like these are not easily accessible for large number of students. Our counselors/mentors are available and would love to help you if you are not sure about career choices, looking to study abroad but not sure which study destination would be better, what would be the career outcome of the degree you are willing to study.

Or, which university is better than the other, how to apply your application process than all you have to do is simply visit our Mentor’s page and fill out the form and one of our consultants will be in touch with you. If you are willing to get career counseling session with one of our consultants in Australia, you can even request for that and a free career counseling session can be arranged for you FOR FREE.

When it comes to education, we are really passionate about it and we want to make a difference in your life, as we know we can. So, give us a call or email us and book your FREE APPOINTMENT.

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