Career Counselling

If you are a student, career counseling must be a familiar term for you as every student comes across it at some stage. The significance of career counseling is debated quite often but first, we should focus on knowing what career counseling is.

What is career counseling?

Career counseling is classified as a type of counseling that aids people in pursuing, leaving, or changing a career. It is also known as a career guide. None can deny the importance of pursuing a good career. A career is certainly the most important aspect of adulthood for every individual. But how do you decide which one is the right career for yourself? It is a lot tougher than it looks like.

The reason is that you have no practical experience in any of those fields. What to do then? There is no better way than getting help from those who have practical experience in those fields. This is what career counseling is all about; getting guidance from experienced ones to evaluate the right career option for you. Now another question is that who do you choose for help? Everybody wants to choose the best in the business for their help and so would you. There can’t be a better option than edvise hub. Our expert consultants are available 24/7 for your help at affordable prices.

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Career counseling for school and university students

School and university students are the raw talents of a nation. They are the guys learning the basics and unaware of the pros and cons of practical fields. Due to these reasons, career counseling holds much more significance for school and college students. They are supposed to be introduced to all the suitable career options as per their interests and capabilities.

Are you looking for some career counseling in Pakistan? Edvise hub offers you top-notch career counseling services in Pakistan and all over the world. You can also benefit from Edvise Hub career counseling online services from any corner of the world. We undoubtedly are well ahead of the rest when it comes to providing career counseling for students.

Why do you need career counseling?

One may ask that why do you need to spend money and time on counseling? What is its significance? The significance is only as much as that of your career. Just imagine doing all the hard work for a specific career and then realizing that this was the wrong choice. We all know that the field of education is now more diverse than ever. There are uncountable study options available but there is very tough competition in them as well. Therefore, you should never choose a career that later on makes you regret your choice later on.

Nowadays, we all witness that it is very common in youth to complain about lack of interest in their respective study and career fields. Another thought is that they are not compatible with their fellows. Such students can easily feel like that their life is ruined now and can be left to deal with depression. Why do these things happen? The simple answer is either no or improper career counseling. Students just rush into a field without knowing anything about that and end up ruing themselves later. At times they are just advised to enter a field on basis of scope but their own capabilities and interests are completely overlooked. All these mistakes leave the student vulnerable at some point. Hence, proper career counseling is as important as your career.

Our Services

Student Consultancy

We offer professional advice and guidance to students wishing to study overseas, either at undergraduate or postgraduate level.

Strategic Consultation

Our experts conduct initial comprehensive brainstorming sessions which involve a precareer testing and personality analysis.

Institute Selection

We synthesise the information gathered during the initial strategic consultation and provide you with a detailed overview of the institute(s) we identify as most fitting.

Supplementary Materials

Our consultants work with students to create specific Letter of Recommendation (LOR) plans for each of individual recommenders.

Scholarships Consultancy

We offer a full scholarship advice to our students and simplify the process. Edvise Hub is dedicated to guide talented students looking for scholarships.

Accommodation Service

We assist the students with accommodation. We provide detailed information to the students with respect to their University/College accommodation, hostel facilities, etc.


We help students with their individual accommodation requirements and guide them with itinerary preparation and flight bookings.

Guidance and Preparation

We offer testing guidance, pair you with teachers, and help you build a testing plan of action

Why Choose Edvise Hub?

So, now as you must have already realized the importance of counseling in your career, choosing the right option for counseling is the key again. If you make the wrong choice here you may see your career ending up in absolute disguise. Out of all the platforms available, why should you go for edvise hub? Here are the main reasons for trusting us wholeheartedly.

  • Our experts are highly qualified and have acquired education from top universities
  • Our team is vastly experienced and handles many such cases regularly
  • Our prices are reasonable and we don’t overcharge our clients
  • We ensure 24/7 availability for you
  • We have hundreds of satisfied clients whose careers and lives have shaped up very nicely after getting proper counseling from edvise hub.