The process of submitting university application in any university of Australia is quite easy but it still requires proper planning and patience. You can visit Edvise Hub office to learn about the whole admission and visa process if you are planning to study in abroad. We provide helpful information related to different universities, courses and faculties.We have connections with many education institutions so you can apply to selective universities that are offering your chosen courses.


Choose your course and education provider

If students and their parents have made their decision, then students can submit application with Edvise Hub for a chosen university. Students should keep in mind that there are limited seats available in university and they accept application forms on first come first basis but admissions are given on the final choice made by the university after assessment of their education history. The counselors at Edvise Hub help you in selecting the university that appropriate according to your requirements. We provide detailed information about the best courses and degree programs offered by the university. We assist our customers and guide them about the university that is appropriate for application so that they have proper information which will help them to make the right decision. In addition to this, we choose the perfect courses that match their career path and interests. Our aim is to assist you in selecting the best university of Australia. We provide unbiased valuation on the application that you are interested in. If we notice that your goal will not be accomplished by going into your selected university then we will guide you in finding out the best degree programs or courses that adds value in your career and which help you to achieve your goals. If you have no idea about the universities, then you do not have to worry about it because we will provide you a list of universities and detail information.


The next step is to apply for admission after you have decided the courses and universities. Students might need to submit IELTS or TOEFL score along with other documents for admission purpose but the scores have to be satisfactory. If you fail to meet any of the admission requirements then you can choose other courses or different university. Our consultants will guide you properly in meeting all the requirements and provide all the details. We will update you about the admission tests and deadlines so that you do not miss any chance to get admission in one of your chosen university.

Common requirements of application forms include::

  • Personal details
  • Certified proof of English language proficiency
  • Academic qualifications
  • Course preferences


Have your application processed

It takes few weeks to process your application after you have submitted your application. Our consultants will notify you as soon as we receive results from the selected university or you may receive the result directly through email.

Accept your offer:

You will receive an offer letter and acceptance form if your application is accepted by the university. Offer letter may contain terms and conditions so it is better to read it carefully and analyze it before accepting it. If you have accepted the offer letter then it means that you will abide by all the terms and conditions. Confirmation of enrollment (COE) is issued to you by university after you have met all the conditions. At this point, you may have to submit the registration and tuition fees. Our consultants will guide you in this step and help you out in understanding all the terms and conditions.


Edvise hub consultants will provide proper guidance to all the students who have selected a course but facing some issues. Some students may want to live at another place, require change in direction or specialize in another field. No matter what the reasons are, we help students to switch courses while staying in Australia.


If you are not happy with the course you are currently registered in then you have an option to change the courses but for that you need expert’s guidance. At Edvise hub, we help students to solve the issues related to their course.

All the international students living in Australia can easily submit the application for switching course because the process is quite simple for them. Most of the students among those, who have enquiries, are already living in Australia. They ask questions about:

  • Transferring course
  • Transferring university
  • Transferring city
  • Completing additional study on top of your completed program

The application process should be done carefully otherwise students may face difficult situations. We make sure that process runs smoothly so that students do not breach any of the visa requirements. We have a team of professional consultants who deal with such cases all the time. We will provide advice regarding legalities and obligations while taking every step in making decisions related to your academic career. We stay in contact with the top universities of Australia and immigration so that you do not face any difficulty in the process of changing and upgrading your studies. You can get more information for registering with us by visiting our website.

These are some of the benefits you get by taking our help

  • We recommend the best University on quality, cost and location
  • We assist you through the step by step application process
  • We can help you deciding the best student lodging in Australia
  • We provide constant contact once you have made your study decisions

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