Affordable cities of the United Kingdom for International Students

The United Kingdom is one of the famous countries among international students; it caters to one of the second largest numbers of international students after the USA. Living in Uk can be a bit expensive for international students. It’s not always about the quality of education and tuition fee but international students also need to worry about other factors like accommodation, transportation, food, groceries, and other expenses. You can save yourself from paying high rents and much more on necessities just by deciding the suitable option to live in the UK.

Uk has its own diversity in terms of living expense, from cheaper places to live in big cities like London (which is surely a pricey place) But there are more to the UK than London and there are many cities where you can easily live on a budget in the UK.


Recently the University of Edinburgh was awarded the city life award at the Whatuni Student Choice Awards Winner 2019, students who voted revealed that the Edinburgh has great student nightlife, safe environment and many other activities that makes it the best, and this is not all, the biggest reason is its affordability. Around 13 budget supermarkets are located around the vicinity of the University of Edinburgh.

Edinburgh has 3 internationally ranked universities, which are home to thousands of international students. An average tuition fee in these universities for an international student is around US$28,000 per year.

Accommodation in Edinburgh is 51% cheaper than capital city London and as per the official site of the University of Edinburgh; the estimated cost of living, an international student has to bear is around US$891 per month that includes the rent, groceries and other expenses.


It is 2nd biggest city of the UK and also the second most affordable place for international students, globally it stands on 51st for being one of the most affordable city. It gives students the same experiences of living in big city on a budget. It would be the best option for you if you want to enjoy your student life in the UK. This city has one of the best and globally recognized universities; The University of Manchester caters hundreds of international students every year. The tuition fee is around US$ 16100 per year in University of Manchester for international student.

The average accommodation cost is around £4,995 per year and average travel expense is £450, grocery shopping £1,525 (highly depends on your preference)


Cardiff is the capital city of wales and one of the most affordable options for international students to live while completing their degree in the UK. The only Welsh university member of the Russell group the University of Cardiff Is located here. The main reason why student prefers to study in Cardiff is the availability of part-time jobs, which makes it even more affordable for international students to study and live in this city.

The average rent is around £114.19 per month and the transportation is highly inexpensive so you do not need to worry about renting an apartment near your university. Other expenses are also pretty affordable and this makes it an ideal place to stay.


It is also one of the cheapest cities in the UK according to The Times Higher Education Student Living Index. The average living expense here for international students is 20% cheaper than in London. It is home to one of the globally recognized Universities, the University of Southampton. This university has conducted small research asking its students about the different student life expenses, and according to that, the average accommodation (private or university) is around £3, 840 per year. Whereas the annual traveling cost is around £360 and groceries £1, 680.


The capital city of Northern Ireland, which is home to Queen’s University Belfast. It is one of the most student friendliest cities in the Uk in terms of living expenses. It is also one of the affordable cities for international students. This city has the lowest taxi fares than all other cities in the UK.

In terms of accommodation cost and other expenses, it is also one of the best options if you are planning to stay on budget. In Belfast, you can easily rent an apartment that will cost you around £46, 22 per week also the average per week groceries would be around £16, 13 and travel cost £12, 90.

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