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EDVISE HUB believes in fairly and professionally guiding customers who want to study or migrate to Australia. In order to make Immigration Australia process less stressful, we have developed a chain of Australian Immigration Advisers in different countries that are interconnected to personally guide our customers.

We have an experienced team for carrying out the process of Immigration Australia. Our team will actively give proper advice about issues related to Australian Citizenship, Australia Visa, job opportunities and education to our customers on the right time. Our Immigration Agent is registered with MARA (Migration Agent’s Registration Authority) and he is also the member of the professional group MIA (Migration Institute of Australia).

In order to execute his services and properly guide our customers, our Immigration Agent stays updated about the modified rules and regulations of Immigration Australia system by regularly undergoing through professional development. On the other hand, we have qualified education agent counselor who is trained by PIER (Professional International Education Resources) through education agent training. Our aim is to lead you to Immigration Australia through a decent way.

Australian Visas


Australian visa is divided in several categories because every person has different requirements for it. One person can plan to migrate to Australia permanently while other person may have different plans and just need to stay for a temporary period. There are sub classes of different categories of Australian visa. According to DIBP, the two components of Australia Immigration program on permanent basis are migration and humanitarian. Skilled, family and Special Eligibility stream migrants can choose the migration program while refugees and people who have humanitarian needs are selected for the humanitarian program.



SKILLSELECT is an online service which was launched in 2012 by the Department of Immigration and Border Protection. They have developed it for the ease of skilled workers and businessmen with a goal of enrolling their interest to register for migrating to Australia easier through the Expression of Interest (EOI).

Once the EOI is successfully assessed by state and territory government then potential migrants are nominated and invited for visa application. There is a point based system called Skilled Visa Australia, where EOI submission takes place and then candidates receive an invitation to apply. Candidates can apply for General Skilled Migration, Business Migration and Employer sponsored visa with the help of Skill Select.


Skilled Visa- Independent (subclass 189)

In case, skilled workers are not sponsored by an employer, state, territory or a family member then they have an option to apply for a visa which is based on points. This visa gives permission for permanent living and work in any city of Australia but for this purpose, they are required to submit application through EOI.

Skilled Visa - Nominated (subclass 190)

Skilled workers can have the points based visa if they get nominated by a state or territory. This visa gives permission for permanent living and work in any city of Australia but for this purpose, they are required to submit application through EOI.


Skilled Regional Visa - Provisional (subclass 489)

This visa which is received by the skilled workers has the permission to live as well as work in a certain region or metropolitan areas in Australia where growth in population is declining for maximum four years. There are three various ways in which the person can apply for this visa. It includes:

  • the Extended stay pathway
  • the Invited pathway
  • the Subsequent entry pathway

Candidates can receive Skilled Regional visa (subclass 887) permanently if they have this visa.


Temporary Graduate Visa (subclass 485)

Fresh graduates of Australian university and international students who have acquired a degree can apply for this visa. The visa holder has the permission to live, study and work temporary in Australia after their graduation.

Students who are considered as a primary candidate can only access the Temporary Graduate visa (subclass 485) for one time. The two streams of this visa are:

  • Graduate Work stream
  • Post-Study Work stream

The person involved in this application has to be available in Australia while carrying out the visa application and when the visa is delivered to the person who is the main candidate for the visa application. The validity period of graduate work stream visa is 18 months while for a post graduate work stream visa the validity period is shorter that is two to four months.

Visa Immigration Services


Subclass 457 Visa

This visa gives permission to a business for hiring a person who currently lives in other country to perform a skilled job in Australia but the validity period is only 4 years after which the visa is expired. The visa application may include dependents.

Employer Visa - Nomination Scheme (subclass 186)

Skilled workers who live in another country or skilled residents living and working in Australia can have this visa but only for temporary period.

Regional Sponsored Visa - Migration Scheme (subclass 187)

Skilled workers who belong to another country or skilled residents living and working in regional Australia can have this visa but only for temporary period.


Business visa can be obtained through many options but it is highly dependent on your skills or requirements. We have many options for our clients who may be the owner of a business, willing to make investment or possess a specific talent with an objective to start a profitable business in Australia.

Business Talent Visa - Permanent (subclass 132)
Candidate have to apply for this visa in two streams

Business Innovation and Investment Visa - Provisional (subclass 188) visa & Business Innovation and Investment Visa - Permanent (subclass 888)
Candidate have to apply for this visa in three streams

Business Innovation - People who are interested in possessing and controlling a new or existing business then they can apply for this visa.

Investor Stream – People who are interested in investing a selected amount in an Australian state or territory and want to maintain business operation for a longer period then they can apply for this visa.

Significant Investor – people who are planning to invest at least AUD 5 million into complying investments in Australia and want to maintain business operation for a longer period then they can apply for this visa


Family stream migration is divided into various categories of family migration such as visas for children, carer visas, parent visas and aged dependent relative visas.


Partner Visa - Onshore

Under the partner visa which has subclasses 820 and 801, the partner or spouse of Australian citizen has the permission to live in Australia as a resident permanently or the individual can become eligible for citizenship in New Zealand but the partner visa for temporary period in which the subclass 820 is included which allows you to stay and you can receive it before the delivery of your permanent partner visa (subclass 801) or when it is processing.


Partner Visa - Offshore (Provisional) (subclass 309) and Partner Visa - Migrant (subclass 100)

The Partner visas has two subclasses 309 and 100 which gives permission to the partner or spouse of Australian citizen to live in Australia permanently or that person becomes eligible for the citizenship of Australia even though he is living in Australia but for this purpose they will first receive the the temporary Partner (Provisional) visa (subclass 309) while the permanent Partner (Migrant) visa (subclass 100) is processing as well as gives you permission to stay in Australia during that period.

Prospective Marriage Visa  (subclass 300)

Under this visa, a person has the permission to visit Australia for marrying their prospective spouse. If you are granted this visa by the Australian Government then you must marry your prospective spouse after which you can apply for Partner (subclasses 820 and 801) visa before the validity period of your Prospective Marriage visa (subclass 300) end. You will get the permission to stay for nine months.


Our Services

The consultation services fee is charged from the clients depending on their case and issues related to that case since every person has different requirements.

Our clients can receive these advices on migration from us:

  • Skill Select and EOI application
  • Extension of Student Visa
  • Migration options for nationals living abroad
  • Skills evaluation of Students and Migrants
  • Temporary Visas and Permanent Migration for Students
  • Migration Options For Overseas Customers
  • MRT Appeals For Visa Refusals
  • Employer Sponsorship options For Eligible Customers

Clients will be guided by our Education Counsellor on:

  • Courses offered in TAFE, Universities across Australia
  • Change of course provider
  • Documentation required for Australia Visa Extension


There is a sustainability issue in the recent Immigration Australia if timeframe is strictly fixed for carrying out the application process. Department of Immigration and Border Protection of Australia (DIBP) are responsible for processing each visa application after assessing the merits of each candidate. Since each case is different therefore they decide a separate time period for carrying out the application process and they do it completely on their own discretion. They may face various circumstances such as some cases are more complicated than others, certain DIAC office will be overloaded with work where the application process is taking place, dealing with requests for giving more information and medical/police check-ups that is why the time required for completing this process may be different.

Once you have registered your application and they issued a file number which you will receive from them only then you can learn about the approximate time period taken for processing the application by contacting the DIBP office.


We have a little different fees structure as compared to others. A separate fee is charged for each service including consultation and professional services. Every client deals with different circumstances so we charge accordingly. There are three factors on which the cost of the Immigration Australia process depends:

  • Level of Complexity Of Case
  • Visa Subclass
  • Number of Dependents applying along with the applicant

Our Immigration Agent will charge reasonable fees from our clients for providing professional services and proper migration advice but the fees may vary depending on each case. We provide complete guidance and customer support services to our clients until they have arrived in Australia.

Once our client has received first consultation service from our agent then he is required to sign a written document to make sure that he has agreed to all the terms and conditions if he is willing to apply for Immigration Australia.

We will send a copy of the Code of conduct and all the necessary information related to MARA regulations to all our clients before getting involved in any paperwork.

Please note

The visa application fee is not included in our professional services because it has to be paid to the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP).

Additional fees requirements for our clients include:

  • Police checks
  • Medical examinations
  • Skills assessment fees payable to TRA or other relevant assessment authorities
  • Certification and translation of documents to English

Privacy Statement

Everything is kept confidential as we are very careful about your privacy. Any kind of personal information will not be disclosed to the third party without asking for your permission and we keep it save in our database.

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