Live in Canada

Study Cost in Canada:

Canada is less expensive than other big countries like the USA UK and Australia providing the best quality education. Although the tuition fee depends on the university and course, you are planning to study. Discipline as IT, Engineering and medical are slightly expensive. However, courses like Humanities, Business or art are pretty much affordable. For postgraduate programs, the executive MBA program is most expensive in Canada. The average fee for an undergraduate program can be around $27,159 where the postgraduate fee can be CA$16,497 for international students.


Living Expense in Canada:

In general, Canada is more expensive than the USA, the food and other expense are more costly here in Canada. As per the student visa requirement, you have to show per year financial back up of CA$10,000 in form of Bank Statement. In Quebec, the financial back up for a year of study is CA$11,000.

The Common daily expense in Canada can be:

  • 1 Liter Milk Bottle will cost CAD$1.77
  • Loaf of bread will cost CAD$2.57
  • 1 kg Rice bag will cost CAD$3.07
  • pack of dozen eggs will cost CAD$3.17
  • 1 Kg Boneless chicken breasts will cost CAD$12.47
  • 1 Kg Bag of Potatoes will cost CAD$1.98
  • 1 Liter Water Bottle will cost CAD$1.63
  • A meal in a restaurant for an individual can cost CA$10 to CA$15


Live in Canada


Affordable cities for International students in Canada:

Even if you are studying, Canada, which is relatively cheaper than many other countries, but still you, need to look after for your expenses, the following mention cities are famous among international students because they provide the same living standards and lifestyle and are affordable to live in.

  • Windsor, Ontario
  • Quebec City
  • Moncton, New Brunswick
  • Newfoundland


Getting Visa for Study in Canada:

The student visa process can only start after you receive the letter of acceptance from the university you have applied. To start the process of student visa you have two options: you can apply through online method or paper method this work is a bit tricky and risky to do it on your own, as you might get confused with terms and conditions that can be a hurdle in getting your visa approved. It is always better to take professional help.

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