Health Insurance in Australia: Overseas Student Health Cover

As an international student who wants to study in Australia, you are likely aware of the importance of having adequate health insurance coverage in the event of a medical emergency. But what about health insurance specifically for international students? Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) is a health insurance policy designed specifically for international students studying in Australia, providing comprehensive medical and hospital coverage for students studying in Australia for a period of time.

What does OSHC cover?

OSHC can cover doctor’s visits, the cost of hospitalization and medical care, and ambulance services are also included in the benefits. Coverage may vary based on the insurance plan you purchase so it is important to research and compares each OSHC provider to ensure that you are getting the coverage you need.

OSHC doesn’t cover any cost of general treatment such as dental, optical or physiotherapy. If you are looking for these types of benefits, you can take Extras OSHC which is provided by an OSHC provider or general treatment cover with any Australian private health insurer.

Where can I Purchase OSHC?

There are certain insurers in Australia that offer OSHC to students as a part of a Deed of Agreement with the Department of Health to provide adequate health insurance at a fair rate. The insurers are listed below:

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Comparison of the above-listed Insurer





(Note: The price quote is for one adult and one year of residence only)

Frequently Asked Questions

No, your bills are partially covered not entirely. OSHC in most cases does cover a significant amount of the cost. However, you need to check with your insurance provider to make sure that you are getting the best coverage at the lowest cost and the most benefits.

Extra OSHC is health insurance that offers benefits that are not covered by OSHC medical and hospital coverage (dental, optical and physiotherapy charges)

It is necessary to obtain OSHC for the duration of your studies and if you are extending your visa then you need to renew your OSHC as well.

Yes, you can but some providers have “refund processing fees” if you switch policies before your current one expires. We would recommend researching and comparing the cost and benefits before buying the insurance as it will cost you an additional headache to switch later.

OSHC covers:

  • Doctor visitation
  • Basic hospital care
  • Limited medication
  • Ambulance
  • Some prosthetic equipment
  • Access to private hospitals and day procedures.

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