Ph.D. Program

There are a total of 49 countries that provides excellent research-oriented Ph.D. programs in the world. All 49 countries have their beauty, but the most popular, ancient, and renowned countries are, US, UK, Australia, Germany Canada, etc. But then again, which country is best for you. You can choose the best country from them according to your interest. Here the main aspects in terms of the Ph.D. program are discussed in the US, Australia, Germany, and the UK.

What is PHD?

PhD term abbreviates from doctor of philosophy, is a postgraduate degree obtained successful submission of extensive and well-researched thesis or dissertations.

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Ph.D. opportunities in the USA

The USA, among the most demanding state for higher education, that can be seen as there are one million international students are studying in the USA. Here, we discuss few features and key points related to the doctoral program in the USA.

Why the USA?

Why should you choose the US for doctorial programs? Here are few features that make it prominent from other countries.

  • AccessibilityYou can take time to develop your proposal for your dissertation after completely understanding the topic of your interest.
  • World-leading universities and research– US universities always lie in the top twenty universities in the whole world. This shows the quality of education and its impact universally.
  • The international community– the popularity of the US in the international community can be observed from that there one million international students’ study in the USA.
  • Innovation– After Germany America was the second country that adopts the modern Ph.D. degree approach and spread the influence of their structural approach to doctorial training throughout the universe.
  • The breadth of opportunity–There is an enormous opportunity for you after obtaining your doctoral degree since there are 50 states, six time zones, and thousands of higher education providers in the USA.

Key points for PhD in USA

  • USA has more than 4500 universities with 383 Nobel prizes
  • PhD length is 4 to 6 years
  • Representative fee is about USD $28,000-40,000

Best Ph.D. programs in Europe

Ph.D. opportunities in the UK

The UK is known as the oldest university that is lying there.

  • Historic universities– It is one of the oldest education systems that dated back at least from the eleventh century and on the other end also made development in western science, medicine, art, and philosophy.
  • Global reputation–It is recognized throughout the universe due to its great scholarships system and outclasses research.
  • Innovative training and support– Different training sessions are continuously arranged in the UK for carrier development in the doctorial students.
  • A wide range of funding options– The UK provides different funding to doctorial students from Research Council, government doctorial students loans systems, and another support program for international students.

Key points: Ph.D. Degree in UK

  • A total of 164 universities are offering PhD in UK
  • These universities host about 435,734 international students
  • Duration of PhD program is 3 to 4 years with representative fees of £4-5,000.

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Ph.D. opportunities in Germany

The first Ph.D. program in Germany is a start in the nineteenth century but the researcher makes it now a place to decorate due to its innovative ideas.

  • Globally ranked institutions – After UK and USA, Germany has a top-ranked university, it stands at eight out of the top hundred.
  • Dedicated research institutes– Germany is also blessed with networks of dedicated research centers, together with its admired Max Planck Institutes, as well as definite collaborations between universities and research institutes such as the Max Planck Schools.
  • Affordability– There are many universities in which you can complete your doctorate without any tuition fee.
  • The home of the Ph.D. – The modern aspects of Ph.D. as a thesis-based research degree were introduced and developed by Germany.

Study PhD in Germany: Salient features

  • 520 universities offering PhD program with 108 Nobel prices between them
  • Germany is home to 311,738 international students
  • Length of PhD program is 3 to 4 years

Ph.D. opportunities in Australia

Australia is considered the HUB for research and scholarship opportunities. It education system has the following features.

  • Internationally renowned research – Australia has seven institutions in the global top 250.
  • Unique Ph.D. opportunities – It provides an opportunity for Ph.D. students to do unique research that cannot be completed in any other state throughout the universe.
  • Generous post-study visas – After completing your doctorate, you can stay and work in Australia for about 4Years.
  • No viva – If you are shy and worry about the oral viva, be happy because Australia provides an opportunity to complete your doctorate without oral viva.

Key Details of Ph.D. Study in Australia

  • 43 universities in Australia host 444,514 international students.
  • PhD length is 3 years with typical fees of AUD $18,000-42,000 (USD $12,300-28,750)
  • 12 Nobel prizes are secured in PhD program by these universities