College Admission

This page should serve as a quick way to explain how College Admission process works

EDVISE HUB is a dynamic consultancy company for providing services related to education and immigration abroad. We are authorized to represent and promote number of prestigious universities and colleges of Australia. We have a team of highly professional and well trained consultants who are experienced and committed to work together. We offer counseling services for international students who want to study abroad so that they can make the right choices in their career. We can understand that the whole process of college admission and visa application is burdensome for students therefore we are here to help you in carrying out these processes. We have come up with a process that involves four steps to assist you  in making the right choices in your academic career.


Understand your personal & professional goals

The whole process of college admission starts with you. You have decided to study in Australia but to make it possible you have to first understand your own personal and professional goals for that you need a counseling session. Our counselor will analyze your education history, ambitions and skill set in the first counseling session in order to understand your situation. Every student is quite different that is why every student requires an individual counseling session. Your preferences and interests are very important for us to offer study options. Some students want to learn more about the online courses and campus education. We will provide you the cost structure and scholarships if available.

Discuss your study options and providers that best suit you

Once we have identified your personal and professional goals then we will discuss colleges and universities that match with your career path. Every college offers different courses and facilities so we will only evaluate the ones that fit perfectly with your requirements. We will check whether you qualify for the entry requirements or not. We will identify the city in which you prefer to live and then gather all the information about the colleges present in that city. If those colleges offer the courses that you want to specialize in and you are satisfied with other facilities provided by that college then we will proceed. If you would be able to study in that college and teaching methods is best suited for you, only then we will recommend that college for you. Some students also want to work along with their studies, in that case we will explain you the college requirements. We only recommend those colleges that come under your budget. We discuss the payment options in details with each student based on their required courses. Some students qualify for scholarships due to which their financial burden is reduced.

Assisting with the GTE requirement

Students have to be careful about the genuine temporary entrant requirement (GTE) criteria while studying on Australian student visa. They have to maintain it because their integrity will be measured through it. Our counselors are well trained in guiding you to make the appropriate decision for your future life in Australia. We recommend students to maintain their college attendance and concentrate on your studies to secure good grades. They can later apply for visa extension depending on the scenario.

Enrollment in the course & managing your visa application

If you understand all the process and you have made your decision of pursuing the degree from that specific university then our counselor will inform you about all the necessary documents required for enrolment. We will manage the enrollment process and forward the results. We are going to work with you in each step from filling up the admission form to the submission of required documents. The process will get simpler if you take our help.