Admission & Student Visa Process

Australia is one of the most preferred countries for international students who want to study abroad because of many factors. It has various education institutes which provide high quality education and different degree programs to every student. English language is usually spoken by large majority. Not only education institutes provide assistance but also Government of Australia supports students. Education and living is cost effective as compared to United States of America and United Kingdom. Students, who want to get quality education at affordable prices, prefer Australia.  Education cost and living cost may vary depending on the location of the educational institute.

Admission Student Visa

Admission and Visa Process

The process of getting admission in any university and applying for visa is complicated. After receiving offer letter, students can apply for visa. A valid passport and your personal details will be needed for visa application and students will have to appear for an interview as well. Not everyone gets this life changing opportunity so it is better if you take an advice from a professional.

Meet our trained Consultant

You can check out all the options that are available for you by visiting. Our counselor will explain you everything in a counselling session such as the study destination, courses and institutions that are suitable for you. Our team of experienced and well informed counselors trained by reputable international universities will provide you complete guidance for your admission and visa procedures, in accordance with the current policies and requirements of the Universities and colleges. Students have to submit certain documents for admission and visa therefore to help you our counselor will provide you admission checklist so that you do not forget about any document.

Register with Edvise Hub

In order to register for admission process and career counselling with Edvise Hub, you can visit our office with personal and academic documents.

Apply for Admission

You have to be very careful while selecting the study options related to courses and university. In order to increase your chances of getting admission in selective universities, we can submit your applications. IELTS/TOEFL score is necessary requirements for admissions to prove your English language fluency. Once we have submitted the admission application then we check the status regularly on your behalf by staying in contact with the university and we will notify you as soon as we get any news.

Receive an Offer Letter

We most probably receive the notification about your admission after submitting all the necessary documents in University and forward the news to you without any delay. In order to receive the offer letter, student has to fulfill all the necessary requirements and conditions mentioned by admission department of the university. You have to be quick in responding to university’s admission notification because they only give limited time for acceptance.

Organize Funds

When you plan to study abroad in any country including Australia. There are some requirements that you have to meet to start your study abroad process. After sorting out the university and program you wish to study the most important part is to organize the funds. In order to study in any university in Australia or to get a student visa, international students have to provide proof of financial resources. You have to make sure to provide proof that you can take care of yourself financially in the country you going to live while completing your degree. Mostly the university requires a financial statement showing the funds for a year or two.

Why do you need to organize your Funds?

There so many reasons why it is important to arrange the required funds before you plan for your journey, as financial issues can create a lot of stress, which directly affects education and your career. Why universities want to know about funds because they want to make sure that your financial resources are clear and you will be able to bear the fees and other expenses so you can make the most out of your education. Making sure that you have enough to bear your study abroad journey can make your journey easy and hassle-free.

The Australian government also looks after this sort of matter when granting any student visa so that they can ensure the financial state of students and verify its source of income so that they do not have to worry about students and their finances when they are in the country. This is important for the country to check the financial status of the student so the country may not end up taking on the unnecessary financial burdens. The other reason can be the high cost of living in Australia, especially in urban areas such as Melbourne and Sydney. Therefore, the student does not struggle when they are in the country and stay focused on their studies.


The immigration and citizenship department of Australia has some specific requirement that every student have to fulfill in order to get a student visa for Australia. The following mentioned are some of the requirements that each student has to meet to secure admission in their desired Australian universities.

Tuition fee: The tuition fee depends on your institute and university you select for your program and sometimes it varies from field to field. A student must have tuition fees for at least a year or two, many universities grant CoE after you submit a year fee in advance to show your funds' stability. This is the university’s way to check student’s financial stability.

Living expense: The other major expense, which needs to be in consideration when it comes to organizing funds for education abroad in Australia. On average international students, need around 18000 to 20000 annually as a living cost. Which shall cover (accommodation, food, travel, etc).

Health Insurance: Overseas health insurance is also mandatory for international students. International students have five different options to buy one from, students need to figure out one most suited option before they land in their study abroad destination. The average cost for OSHC is around AU$ 2,149.10.

Student Visa:  International students have to consider student visa costs as well when they plan to organize their funds. One of the student’s visa requirements is to organize overseas health insurance for yourself prior to a student visa application. Also, the OHSC should be valid for the duration of your stay in Australia. It is not necessary to go for health insurance provider your university suggests, you can select anyone who is approved by the Australian government. To get a student visa (subclass 500) for Australia, you need to pay around AU$620.

Pay Tuition Fee and OSHC

If you get an offer letter from university then you have to submit tuition fees to confirm that you have accepted it. In normal cases, you just have to pay for first semester tuition and registration fees. You have to pay for Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC), It is compulsory for all international students. Many students pay through Telegraphic Transfer (TT) as it is the most popular method of payment among them but the second option is also available that is Direct Debit (DD). You have to submit the fees directly to the university account but we can provide you some discount on OSHC fee.

Issuance of Electronic Confirmation of Enrolment (ECOE)

Once you have submitted the fees in the university, they will send Electronic Confirmation of Enrollment (ECOE). Usually universities in Australia request students to submit documents of financial support so that they can make sure whether you can afford all the expenses or not.

Student Visa Lodgment

For a student visa, you need to meet the document requirement that is necessary for the student visa application. Only after completing the whole documentation, you can apply for a student visa. Lodge your application with the evidence required, pay the application charge and satisfy the student visa requirements. It is highly recommended that you lodge for the visa before 12 weeks from the days of orientation in the institution. The following list of documents is required to apply for a student visa.

  • Original Passport
  • CNIC
  • Confirmation of Enrolment
  • Financial Statement (showing funds for living and other expense at least for 1 year)
  • IELTS certificate

Undertake Medicals

You will receive a notification,to go through medical examination, from embassy usually within 28 days after submitting your visa application. We will provide you more details for undertaking medical examination and taking an appointment from approved IOM center. You doctor will send your medical reports and documents directly to the visa office after you have undergone a medical examination.

Visa Decision

We will notify you about your visa application as soon as possible after we receive the result from the visa office so that you can collect your visa grant letter from us. It means that they have approved your visa application and now it is time for you to begin making plans for your living and travelling to Australia.

Travel Services

If you need any help in booking your air tickets, insurance and foreign currency then you can contact us. We will make all the necessary arrangements to make it easier for you.

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