University of Oxford Overview

The United Kingdom is a country that helps students who want to study abroad to grow beyond the books. It is the home to some of the world’s best educational institutions and all of them have one aim, to help students grow and flourish in whatever field they are interested in. One such institution is the University of Oxford. The institution is a brand in itself and requires no further description.

The University of Oxford is renowned and prestigious in the UK. The university is the oldest in the English-speaking world, although there is no precise date of establishment there is a saying that teaching began in some form at Oxford in 1096 and rapidly grew after Henry II banned English students from attending the University of Paris in 1167. Oxford is known around the world for its excellence in teaching, research and societal contributions. It combines rich history and tradition with the innovative and forward-thinking approach of a modern university.


Oxford is one of the most prestigious universities in the world and the evidence of that comes from their alumni list. Famous people like Stephen Hawkings, Bill Clinton, Tony Blair and Rowan Atkinson, Benazir Bhutto and Imran Khan make just a fraction of the famous faces that studied at the university.

There are 28 British Prime Ministers, 55 Nobel Laureates and 120 Olympic medallists, as well as at least 30 world leaders among the alumni of Oxford.


Oxford has gained a widespread reputation for producing graduates with outstanding academic performance, social prestige and a promising career future. And it has a large presence among the top-ranked universities in the world. Oxford makes a whopping £15.7 billion contribution to the UK economy.  For their outstanding contribution to immunology four Oxford professors, Professor Dame Sarah Gilbert, Teresa Lambe, Sir Andrew Pollard and Fiona Powrie were awarded Honorary Lifetime Membership of the British Society for Immunology in 2021. Also, in 2021, six Oxford professors were elected to the Royal Society’s Fellowship.


The University of Oxford is located in and around the medieval city center of Oxford and comprises 44 colleges and halls in addition to this it has the largest library system in the UK. Oxford doesn’t have a main campus, its buildings and facilities are scattered around the old city of Oxford instead. The Colleges are financially self-sufficient and self-governing to which students apply directly but they are linked to the University in a federal system.

University of Oxford Admission Requirements

Studying at the University of Oxford is a dream come true and your application is one of the main deciding factors so you need to work hard on it. There are certain requirements that you need to fulfil to get selected and here are the details:

General Documents Requirements

  • All-Academic Transcripts
  • Photocopy of Passport
  • English Language Proficiency Test Scores
  • Letter of Recommendations/Reference
  • CV/Resume
  • Statement of Purpose

English Language Requirement

All applicants must satisfy one of the requirements listed below if they are not native English speakers. To meet English language conditions, you will be asked to show either a standard or a higher level of ability in English, depending on your course.

Test Standard Level Scores Higher Level Scores
IELTS 7.0 - Minimum score of 6.5 per component 7.5 - Minimum score of 2.0 per component
TOEFL 100 - Minimum Component scores:

Listening: 22

Reading: 24

Speaking: 25

Writing: 24

110 - Minimum Component scores:

Listening: 22

Reading: 24

Speaking: 25

Writing: 24

Cambridge Certificate of Advanced English (CAE) 185 – Minimum score of 176 per component 191 – Minimum 185 per component
Cambridge Certificate of Proficiency in English (CPE) 185 – Minimum score of 176 per component 191 – Minimum 185 per component
Trinity Integrated Skills in English (ISE) ISE III with merit in all skills or
ISE IV with pass in all skills
ISE III with distinction in all skills or ISE IV with pass in each section
Pearson PTE Academic/PTE Academic Online 66 – 56 in Speaking, Listening, Reading and Writing. 76 – Minimum 66 in Speaking, Listening, Reading and Writing

GMAT and GRE Requirements

  • The recommended score for GMAT is 650 or above, though the university accepts all scores.
  • The recommended score for GRE verbal is 160 and the quantitative score is 160 or above, though the university accepts all scores.

University of Oxford Application Process

Undergraduate Application Process

To apply for an undergraduate program like all other universities in the UK, you will apply to Oxford through UCAS. You will find a detailed guide about UCAS here.

Graduate Application Process

In order to apply to any graduate program, you will need to apply directly to the university. As soon as applications are open, the link will be made available on our website. So look out for admission intake season so that you can apply on time.

Application Processing Fee

  • The undergraduate application processing fee is £20 if you are applying for one course and £26 for more than one course. This fee will be paid to UCAS as that is the platform that you will be using to apply to any undergraduate program offered by Oxford.
  • The graduate application processing fee is £75. If you are a resident of a low-income country, you may be eligible for a waiver of the application fee.

Programs offered by the University of Oxford

Oxford offers a wide variety of disciplines, from law to theology and is ranked in the top five in 23 subjects according to QS Subject Ranking 2022. You can browse through the programs offered by Oxford here.

Top-Ranked Programs offered by the University of Oxford

Here is the list of programs that are ranking in QS Subject Ranking 2022:

Programs QS Subject Ranking
Anthropology 1
English Language and Literature 1
Geography 1
Modern Languages 1
Theology, Divinity and Religious Studies 1
Archaeology 2
Classic and Ancient History 2
History 2
Law and Legal Studies 2
Medicine 2
Politics 2
Social Policy and Administration 2
Sociology 2
Anatomy and Physiology 3
Development Studies 3
Education and Training 3
Pharmacy and Pharmacology 3
Psychology 3
Accounting and Finance 4
Linguistics 4
Biological Science 5
Computer Science and Information System 5
Physics and Astronomy 5
Chemistry 6
Environment Science 6
Mathematic 6
Philosophy 6
Statistics and Operational Research 6
Earth and Marine Science 7
Geology 7
Economics and Econometric 8
Engineering - Chemical 8
Geophysics 8
Material Science 8
Business and Management Studies 9
Engineering – Electric and Electronics 9
Engineering - Mechanical 12
Engineering – Civil and Structural 14
Performing Arts 22
Art and Design 35

Popular Programs for International Students

Computer Science and Information Systems

The program in computer science and IT offered by Oxford helps students acquire a broad understanding of computer systems and networks. As computers and programs are one of the most complex innovations of mankind, therefore using, developing and designing them has presented a lot of challenges. Oxford prepares students to tackle and face these challenges.

Law and Legal Studies

Oxford has a reputation for providing a top-notch program in law and legal studies. Very few universities come to Oxford level and quality of legal education in the UK. The course will not only help you in qualifying as a solicitor or barrister but it will also help you develop a diverse set of skills such as you will learn to assimilate and analyze complex information, construct arguments, write with precision and clarity and think on your feet.

Electronics and Electrical Engineering

The course offered by Oxford in electronics and electrical engineering covers a vast variety of topics, all of which use the real-time application of creative reasoning, mathematics and science to solve the problems of the real world. The university has a globally acknowledged reputation for its research and has the best quality of teaching.

English Language and Literature

Oxford is famous all around the world for being the only university to offer one of the broadest curriculums in English language and literature and the best programs in English language and literature. It not only provides students with the opportunity to study English writing from its origin in Anglo-Saxon England but also offers them to study the English literature that originates from other parts and cultures of the world.


Oxford offers one of the best medical programs in the world. It provides students with experience and knowledge that will help them prepare for day-to-day living as a doctor by assisting them in understanding each patient’s need.

University of Oxford Tuition Fees

Below you will see the estimated fee of undergraduate programs, the fee structure is subject to change every year so please check the fee of the program you are interested in before applying. 

Fee status Annual course fees payable by students
International Students Between £27,840 and £39,010

For Clinical Medicine fee is £36,800

If you are looking for graduate programs tuition fees you can check them here.

Acceptance Rate of University of Oxford

The acceptance rate of Oxford is 17% and it is one of the most difficult schools to get into but not nearly as hard as it is to get into Harvard, Columbia, or Yale, whose acceptance rate is around  5%. You need to have almost perfect academic grades to get into this university so you have to work hard to achieve that in order to study at the University of Oxford.

 Scholarship Offered by University of Oxford

Scholarship Award
Simon and June Li Undergraduate Scholarship Course fees and a grant towards living costs.
Reach Oxford Scholarship Course fees, annual grant toward living costs and one return air fare per year.

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