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"I have completed my intermediate education, so now which field of studies should I pursue for my undergraduate? From where should receive my undergraduate degree?" These questions and more arise in the minds of students after their secondary education, and to no surprise. The selection an undergraduate program and its affiliated university is a tough choice to make, as it will certainly have a significant impact on your life. So, carefully your option and avoid misinformed decisions by consulting a professional. Take time to judge your abilities and interests, discuss further with friends, family, collleagues, teachers and even our experts at Edvise Hub before selecting your undergraduate program.

Getting your undergraduate degree from an outstanding institute is the dream of every student. If you are worried about the selection of subjects and institutes for your undergraduate study, get the help of a counselor. We are a service provider for the best counseling in every field of life. We, Edvise hub counseling service, provide you an excellent guide to select an appropriate institute for your undergraduate program.

What is an undergraduate program?

An undergraduate program is the next step for a student after completing their secondary education. It provides 3-4 years worth of knowledge in a specific field, ending with a bachelor's degree in hand. It is also referred to as post-secondary education. You have the option of pursuing a BA degree which includes Humanity and Liberal Arts subjects, or a BS degree which involves technical and or research-based science subjects

Quality of education varies from country to country and institute to institute. Students should not limit themselves to local options but expand their horizons and apply to prestigious educational institutes around the world. Some countries best known for their education include Australia, the UK, the US and Canada. Most of the high-ranked universities worldwide belong to the US, like famous Harvard, Stanford and M.I.T. to name a few, along with excellent community colleges; The tuition fee varies based on country, program and university. Fortunately, for international applicants, there are concessions and scholarship opportunities offered by many universities.

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The undergraduate program in the US

In the USA number of colleges that offer two-year program is 1000 and familiar with the name of the community or junior college. The two-year degree is also called an associate degree or intermediate degree.

Associate degree

In associate degree, the student has 60 semester credit hours and roundabout in two years.  This program is divided into further three categories,

  1.  General education requirements
  2. Requirements  within your major
  3. Electives

Furthermore, Associate Degree categories into sub-divisions

  1. Associate of Arts
  2.  Associate of Science
  • This is especially for students who want to further concentrate on 4- years. Since but final two years are related to specialization focuses on the major subject. The final two years are related to the subject for whom a student has an option business, fine arts, physics, and chemistry, so Universities main concern is specialization in any subject.
  • US education system is now advance with quality education as updated resources, technology, and equipment along with best teachers.
  • Few Community colleges have set the method in which students got two years then promoted to the next level (University). Mostly this method is implemented which has both levels of education, i.e., Community College and university.

The most important degree which is related to the industrial area is “Associate of Applied Science “typically for those who want to work in industries at mid-level jobs.

Four Year programs

  • Four-year programs have are more popular and students have more attention as compared to Two-year programs.
  • In a recent year, more than 1.3 million students got this degree, known as “College degree” this program has 120 credit hours and has is a year program.
  • In the first two years, the focus is on general Subjects like Social sciences, general.

The undergraduate program in the UK

  • In the UK, one of the just outstanding universities for the most curriculums is oxford, Cambridge with more modern teaching techniques in the It has a very impressive research record and is put forward for higher-level students all over the world.
  • In the UK, education is based on conceptual based learning, and you can complete your degree in approximately 3 years.
  • Programmed that are mostly offered in an undergraduate program in the UK are Bachelor of Arts (BA), Bachelor of Science (BSc), Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.), and Bachelor of Engineering (BEng) degrees.
  • Some of the most familiar programs that are offered in the UK are
    • Anthropology and Archaeology
    • Social sciences (sociology, psychology, etc.)
    • Classical history
    • English (Literature, etc.)
    • Computer Science
    • Business (economics, management)
    • Law
    • Medical fields/pre-medical fields
    • Music and arts
    • Engineering
    • Philosophy
    • Sciences (earth sciences, biology, chemistry)
    • Mathematics
    • Theology and Religion

The undergraduate program in Australia

  • In Australia, though it has a 20 million population but world-class universities and colleges. Due to proper planning for acceptable Qualification, Australia lies in top ranking.
  • In 2014 there are approximately 269,700 international higher education students in Australia, which implies out of 5 one student is an international student.
  • There mainly three main reasons due to which international students rush into Australia for higher education.
  • Protection of students is the best priority: There is proper legislation made to guides students throughout their study carried.
  • The average duration for earning a degree is 3 years but students can extent to pursue an honor degree.
  • Just opposite to the US, International students can earn during their in Australia.

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