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Australia, a home to almost 700,000 international students and is the third most popular study destination. With its outstanding education system, the country offers higher education in vast range of 22,000 courses in 1,100 institutes. Cherry on top, the country has six of the world’s top 100 universities. However, the education institutions can’t be compared to Oxford or Harvard but they are at their best. In the Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2020, The University of Melbourne, University of Queensland, Australian National University, University of Sydney, Monash University and University of New South Wales ranked in the top 100 universities.

Every international student who want to pursue studies in Australia, need to apply for an Australian student visa by enrolling in:

  • Primary and Secondary School
  • English Language Intensive Course For Overseas Students (ELICOS) – Cambridge, General English, IELTS preparation etc.
  • Exchange program
  • University Course – Bachelor, Master and PhD degree
  • Vocational Education and Training (VET) Course – Sports, Marketing, Business, Hospitalities, Tourism and other
  • Non-award course
  • Student sponsored by Department of Foreign Affairs or the Department of Defence

Student Visa Requirements

The student should meet below-mentioned student visa requirements in order to satisfy Department of Home affairs:

  • Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE) – The applicant must be able to demonstrate h/she intend to stay temporarily in Australia and is a genuine student. The Department of Home Affairs makes assessment on these factors:
  • Value of chosen course to study; future opportunities in home country
  • Applicant circumstances in home country in context of political, financial, economic and social aspect
  • Previous travelling history to Australia, if any

Currently, Australian Universities are assessing the students for Genuine Temporary Entrant Requirement and the university doesn’t grant admissions if the students fail to meet any criteria.

  • Confirmation of Enrolment(COE): Applicant must have applied at any accredited institution where it offers Courses for Overseas Students (CRICOS) for primary and higher education program and is listed on Commonwealth Register of Institution. Before applying for visa process, the student should have COE issued in hand.
  • English Proficiency Requirement: Applicant needs to give a proof of English language test in order to get admission in school and university for undergraduate and postgraduate programs, also to apply for visa. It could be PTE, IELTS, TOEFL or any other which is acceptable. Exemptions from language test could be for those who hold passport from any particular country or has English as first language. If the student doesn’t get the required score, the university offers an English pathway program to continue the studies.
  • Financial Requirement: Applicant must show adequate financial funds to support their study and stay in Australia. It calls for mentioning source of income, providing financial statement and relation with funds sponsor. The financial statement that the student provides must cover a year accommodation cost, one-year tuition fee, travel and other expenses. If any member of the family accompanies the student to Australia, the additional cost of the person must be shown.
  • Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC): International students undertaking studies in Australia must obtain OSHC. It includes limited pharmaceutical, visit to doctor and some hospital treatment.

Every international student who want to pursue studies in Australia, need to apply for an Australian student visa by enrolling in:

Student Visa Subclass: It has been simplified to subclass 500

Australian Student Visa Fee: AUD 620

Student Visa Conditions

  • 8202 - The students must be enrolled in the course in h/she have applied
  • 8518 - Must have adequate arrangements for education while in Australia
  • 8501 - Health insurance is mandatory
  • 8203 - In case of changing the education provider, the students must inform embassy
  • 8533 - The students should inform Department of Immigration and Border Protection and education provider about the residing address and contact details within a week after arriving in Australia
  • 8105 - Student can’t work prior their classes begins
  • 8104 - Student cannot work more than 20 hours a week or 40 hours per fortnight
  • 8303 - Should respect Australian tradition and culture and abide by Australian laws

Student Visa Document Checklist

The visa checklist requires:

  • Accurately filled Australian student visa application form (157A)
  • Visa application fee paid which is AU$620
  • Passport biodata page copy
  • Financial funds evidence
  • Overseas Health Insurance Cover (OSHC) evidence
  • English language proficiency test result evidence
  • Criminal record check evidence
  • Australian travel visa records, if any

How to apply for student visa?

Submit all the necessary educational documents, statement of purpose (SOP) and resume to the university or college. Currently, the institutes are responsible to assess students for GTE requirement and if they get satisfied, then the applicant get an unconditional offer letter and COE. Right after the process, upload the necessary scanned documents which is submitted for visa process via ImmiAccount (online application system to apply for visa). Most of the student visa applications usually takes a four-week period to process.

The Edvise Hub consultants can help you apply for the students visa by making an ImmiAccount and filling up all essential information accurately. The consultant make sure that none of the important documents or information is missed for any reason.

Do you need any help with the visa application?

Edvise Hub consultants as well as their migration agents in Melbourne can help potential students with applications for range of visa; student visa, graduate visa, parents visa and other, making the process easy and understandable for them.

What Edvise Hub does for student visa?

Following services are provided for student visa by Edvise Hub consultants;

  • Advices on courses of study in context of scope and job prospects
  • Lodging university application
  • Getting unconditional offer letter and COE
  • Applying for student visa through ImmiAccount
  • Guidance on how to extend student visa if student want to study further

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