UNSW Global

Location: Sydney, Australia

The University of New south Wales is a well known research and teaching university in Australia. They offer wide range of high quality degree programs. The university participates in various research activities and maintains good relationship with the industry which has a positive impact on their teaching. It is strongly engaged with regions and globally.


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It provides a great opportunity for excellent students and scholars from different countries to excel in study and research programs by developing new ideas and gain knowledge that will last for a long time. UNSW can share knowledge, debate and research outcomes with others because they are partners with both local and global communities. Many public events are held by the UNSW in university such as concert performances, open days and public forums on topics including environment, healthcare and global politics. It was founded in 1949 with an aim to deliver education in three disciplines including scientific, technological and professional. It is one of the main universities in Australia which is highly committed in creating a difference through research which involves new ideas and methods. They are highly focused in transforming students into talented global citizens for a successful career. Many students from Australia and different parts of the world are attracted to UNSW because it offers a wide range of programs at undergraduate, postgraduate and research level. There are around 59,000 students studying in UNSW who belongs to different countries that is why it has become a cosmopolitan university. They have high standards for admissions for maintaining quality.