Queensland Institute of Business and Technology

Location: QueenslandAustralia

The highly reputable Queensland Institute of Business and Technology (QIBT) and Griffith University have worked together since 1997 and became the leading university pathway provider in Queensland. They have helped more than 7000 local and international students in Australia to gain access to tertiary studies. It is located on Mt Gravatt campus of Griffith University in Brisbane and Gold Coast campuses.


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They are offering wide range of study options to students such as Certificate IV in foundation studies and high quality diploma pathway which is equivalent to 1st year bachelor degree program. Students can start from the second year of bachelor degree program in Griffith University so it will save their time as well.

Students can access various facilities which are available 24 hours including computers, library, cafes, on-campus accommodation and recreational facilities so that they are well prepared for the transition to tertiary study.  The bridging programs of Griffith University are the QIBT Certificate IV in University Foundation Studies and the Postgraduate Qualifying Program. These programs are designed after discussing with Griffith University and reviewed by the university. The cultural support network, student mentor program and social activities organized by QIBT provide a great opportunity for students to meet number of Australian and international students. In QIBT, classes are conducted in small size in which the number of students is around 25, so that teachers and students can interact properly and get all the attention. Students will feel at more ease and they can ask questions directly from their teachers in order to progress quickly.