Holmes Institute

Location: Brisbane, Cairns, Gold Coast, Melbourne, Sydney

Holmes Institute was established in 1963 as a multi sectored private education provider with a wide range of faculties in different areas including Vocational Education and Training, English language center, Higher Education and Secondary Education.


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It is highly dedicated in delivering high quality education and learning experience to its both domestic and international students so that they are capable of seeking self improvement. It provides dynamic learning environment and follow best practice in teaching to support and promote rational thought, intellectual integrity and social responsibility in students.

Its campuses are located in different cities including Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Cairns and Hong Kong. It offers wide range of awards from the vocational level to master level in two areas that are Business Administration and Accounting. It can be considered as an alternative pathway to higher education.

It is very active in continuously improving its quality and consistently seeking different methods to align its education products with the labor market demands. With this goal, it has also developed its curriculum which supports and promotes life-long learning commitment as well as the advancement of knowledge and understanding among students. Its internal systems, structures, methods and practices are benchmarked against the best practices in universities. The advance technologies implemented by the university in performing student centered teaching and learning methods complement the digital age. It has extended its global capacity by offering higher education in Hong Kong campus.