Curtin University

Location: Perth, Australia

Curtin University is quite large in size and has a diverse culture among other universities in Western side of Australia. It has the third largest population of international students in Australia. It has been following innovative approach towards research and teaching since their inception. The campus life is vibrant and lively. Diversity and differences are highly valued in every part of campus. They focus on practical learning and industry connections which can lead to good job opportunities for students. They promote and encourage forward thinking culture for the students, teachers and community.


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They are planning to convert main Bentley campus into a cultural hub along with developments in Perth. It will provide a place for the community members to reside, study, work and socialize together. It is highly focused and determined to provide excellence and strengthen its position as the best global university as they are completing their 50 years of innovation.

They are offering wide range of undergraduate and post graduate courses in different subjects such as business, humanities, health sciences, resources, engineering and related sciences. They are committed to conduct high quality practical research which can help solve real world issues.

Their community consists of students, faculties, alumni and visitors who actively participate in a number of initiatives taken within their local communities. Students and faculties will have a great opportunity to develop life skills, share innovative ideas, become member of international community and experience a forward thinking culture. It is ranked among the best universities in the world because the research conducted by them has been recognized on international basis.