Chisholm Institute

Location: Melbourne, Australia

Chisholhm Institute is the premier public vocational education and training source in Victoria. It is located in the South East manufacturing spot and residential growth corridors of Melbourne.


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It is well known for providing quality education and training to the students which has resulted in real career opportunities. Students can check their history of long term success to be sure that they will learn the necessary skills required for a job and acquire a respected degree. It is a technical and further education (TAFE) owned by the government. It is offering more than 250 courses for Diploma, advance diploma, bachelor and certificate. All the offered courses are carefully designed in such a way that the students will be able to develop skills and expertise after completion of their selected courses. They will be well prepared for pursuing their career aspirations.

It delivers proper education and training to the students with real job possibilities. Student will not only witness a good learning experience but also earn a qualification which is recognized by the firm in Australia. Their objective is to provide education in such a way that can increase job opportunities for the students. All the professors who are teaching in the institute have practical experience and in depth knowledge so that they can guide students in the most efficient way and prepare them well for going through the job interviews. They provide three different learning options for the students such as online, on campus and in the workplace to continue learning with their busy schedule.