Bradford College – The University of Adelaide

Location: Adelaide,  Australia

The University of Adelaide is formerly known as Bradford College. It provides a foundation platform for being a part of the University of Adelaide where new students can easily settle down and adapt the life of higher education with the help of college staff and its facilities. Students can progress from beginner level to degree and master holder. The college is highly dedicated to being not only a learning institution but also a counselor to the students for turning them into a professional expert and better in their field. The class size is kept small so that students get more attention.


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All the registered students have complete access to all the facilities provided by the university in order to promote familiarity and ensure that students are able to utilize all the resources present in the university. Students can participate in different activities and become part of the club, societies or student union to make the most out of student life and enjoy during their academic year.

It is considered as one of the best universities in Australia because it is a member of group of 8 universities who are well known for their in depth research work. It has been providing outstanding output and training for many years. It is a great achievement of the university that its 5 alumni have become Nobel Laureate and there are more than 100 Rhodes scholars. Dedicated and experienced professors and trainers provide assistance at every step and deliver high quality learning experience to the students.