Box Hill Institute

Location:  MelbourneVictoriaAustralia 

Box Hill Institute delivers education to individuals, companies and community groups who have different kinds of needs, interests and backgrounds. There is a wide variety of qualifications offered by them ranging from Certificates I to IV to bachelors and master degrees which are internationally recognized and nationally accredited. They also offer full time and part time courses as well as training courses for students. Students from different countries, cultures and backgrounds are already studying in Box Hill institute. They help around 50000 students every year in developing their skills, achieving their future goals and taking initiative towards their career.


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Box Hill Institute is located in eastern suburbs side of Melbourne and students can easily reach to the main campus through public transport. The class size is kept small so that every student gets the equal support and attention to achieve good results in their courses. All the courses are designed in a way that students gain practical knowledge and develop necessary skills required for performing jobs in the industry because employers look for certain abilities in the candidates so we prepare students to secure a good position in well known companies. They try to increase job opportunities for the graduates.

The higher education courses are offered in interesting areas such as cyber security, aviation and 3D manufacturing. All the professors and trainers are expert in their field and highly qualified for teaching in specific area. They have in depth knowledge about the industry, practical knowledge of different career paths and areas where you need to concentrate in order to succeed.