Bond University

Location: Gold CoastQueenslandAustralia

Bond university is the first private not for profit institution. It strives for being recognized on international basis as a first rated independent university. It is highly inspired with the spirit of innovation, committed to influence and dedicated to motivate future professionals who are going through the transformation stage and prefer personalized education experience. They offer Transformer which is the first entrepreneurship program introduced in Australia but they offer it as an extracurricular option to undergraduates and post graduates students from all departments without charging any fees. It is going to be a life changing experience for a student.


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Bond University provides cooperative environment for the students because it is based in an enthusiastic co-working location so that they can work on different projects such as selling a product, advance technology development and new app from step one of initiation to the last step of execution. Students can access the facilities at any time whether it is day or night. It is a place where students can meet, communicate and work together with classmates and group members who have similar interests and help you make the project more interesting and impressive.

Students personally choose a degree or courses according to their interests and future goals. Bond University offers variety of undergraduate and post graduates degrees, diplomas and non award programs for the students who want to venture into a new area of specialization or gain knowledge in a specific field. Students will get a free membership of sports centre as they have already paid the total fees and they can access it seven days a week. It provides many facilities for students including boxing, yoga, Pilates, swimming and TRX classes.