Australian Technical and Management College

Location: Melbourne, Australia

The Australian Technical & Management College (ATMC) is the first choice in international education because it provides access for overseas students who want to pursue higher education in the business and Management fields in Australia and overseas.


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It was first founded in the Indian subcontinent but later it has grown and progressed into prosperous education institution which is nationally recognized in association with three other popular Australian universities which are specialized in two areas, information technology and business. These three Australian universities are Federation University Australia (Fed Uni), Charles Darwin University (CDU) and the University of the Sunshine Coast (USC).

It has campus in two cities that are Melbourne and Sydney. It offers variety of innovative courses which are designed in such a way that students are completely prepared for working in the global industry. Students will witness an unforgettable learning experience because all the campuses are situated in one of the most comfortable and culturally diverse cities worldwide. International students will easily adjust here because the campus life is warm and inviting.


A wide variety of degrees are offered by ATMC which are delivered by the highly qualified professors in a personalized and practical learning environment. The focus is mainly on the global industry and practices. The students who graduate from ATMC are highly skilled, knowledgeable and possess industry experience which is quite important to make a significant influence on the world. Modern equipments are use in the college to provide high quality facilities and services for the benefit of students.