Asia Pacific International College

Location: Sydney, Australia

APIC is a progressive and active Australian Higher Education Institute which offers courses at Bachelors and Master level in two main cities that are Sydney and Melbourne. It is catering to the academic needs of more than thousand students each semester. The professors help students to learn and apply knowledge after completing the courses so that transition from study to employment becomes easier for them. It offers various courses including Business, Project Management and Information Systems.


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The primary objective of APIC is to deliver, foster and develop academic and professional knowledge in every student. It focuses on developing the skills and abilities of students so that they can easily identify their responsibilities while working in a company or society. According to APIC, education and professional development plays an important role to sustained success as the business and society is rapidly changing today. A safe and nurturing environment is provided to the students so that they get encouraged for being productive and creative.  Professors of APIC prepare the students for going through the transformation process from university to corporate world. Their aim is to offer advice and develop skills of students so that they can flourish at any place of working.


Professional bodies are requested to endorse or professionally accredit the courses offered by APIC to make sure that all the courses are meeting the education and training standards. This will enable the graduates of APIC to pursue professional recognition. CPA Australia and Chartered Accountants ANZ have professionally accredited the Bachelors of Business offered by APIC.