You love sports and would like to use this enthusiasm for professional purposes? The MBS program Master Sports Business and Communication combines Sports Management and Sports Marketing in a unique way. It was developed by leading experts − both men and women − in the sports sector for those who themselves aspire to a career in the sports business.

Degree Details

  • Program Overview: Brief description of the MA in Sports Business and Communication.
  • Core Subjects: Outline key topics such as sports marketing, media relations, event management, sports law, and communication strategies.
  • Practical Skills: Emphasize practical skills development in areas like digital media, sponsorship, and international sports business.
  • Industry Insights: Integration of industry trends and case studies to provide real-world context.
  • Career Paths: Discuss potential roles such as sports marketing manager, communications director, event coordinator, or sports business consultant.
  • Employability: Highlight how the program prepares graduates for leadership positions in the sports industry.
  • Alumni Success: Showcase notable alumni achievements and career trajectories.
  • Academic Background: Specify the required bachelor's degree or equivalent in related fields like business, communications, or sports management.
  • Language Proficiency: Detail language requirements (e.g., English proficiency for non-native speakers).
  • Work Experience: Mention if any professional experience in sports or related fields is preferred or required.
  • Duration: Specify the program's length (e.g., 1 year full-time).
  • Modules/Courses: List core courses and electives, emphasizing practical application and theoretical foundations.
  • Internship/Thesis: Describe any practical components such as internships or a final thesis project.
  • Special Features: Highlight any unique aspects like guest lectures, study tours, or industry partnerships.

How To Apply

Munich Business School

In order to qualify for the Master Sports Business and Communication study program, you must fulfill academic, linguistic, and to some extent professional requirements. You may submit your application documents at any time. Since the places are limited, we advise you to apply for your desired study start as early as possible.

Entry Score:

Duration: Full Time 18 months

Location: Elsenheimerstra,Germany

Fees: €24,900

Next intake: September 2024