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Are you a student worried about your prospects after graduating? Or a graduate who already knows how tough it is in the competitive job market?

Our Professional Internship Program is designed for eager young professionals just like you looking to kick off their careers. As ex-graduate recruiters and development specialists we saw a gap in graduates’ technical education and their readiness for the workplace.

Our 16 week program is designed to help your transition from study to the workplace and to put that all-important experience on your resume.

We will match you with the right internship placement for you, taking into consideration your career goals, specific area of expertise, relevant experience, learning objectives, training needs and location. Our graduates achieve excellent program and employment outcomes, with many being offered employment by their internship host company.


The Professional Internship Program consists of a number of training elements, assessments and evaluations. You must complete all of these elements in order to progress with the program.

There are three assessments and one preparation quiz required to successfully complete the program:

  • Week 2: Multiple Choice Assessment*
  • Week 3: Online Case Study*
  • Week 4: Online WHS Quiz (internship preparation - not an assessment but must be completed)
  • Throughout internship you will work through your Assessment 3. At the end of your internship you will submit Part A and Part B of Assessment 3 in its entirety for marking.*

Upon successful completion of the program students will receive:

  • A nationally accredited Statement of Attainment BSBIND201 Work effectively in a business environment
  • A Edvise Hub Certificate of Completion for the Professional Internship Program

*Assessments for BSBIND201 Work effectively in a business environment

Program Highlights & Inclusions

  • Resume preparation session
  • Interview preparation workshop
  • Formal Training Agreement
  • 12 week internship placement in your nominated profession
  • Placement into a host organisation – we work with 6,600 host companies operating across most industries
  • Formalised evaluation process with midpoint and exit placement reviews
  • A dedicated Placement Consultant to mentor, coach and offer career advice throughout
  • BSBIND201 Work effectively in a business environment Statement of Attainment on successful completion of the program
  • Workers’ Compensation Insurance required for the placement


Our Professional Internship Program has been recognised by ASQA as a vocational training course. During your placement you will work towards and be assessed for the national unit of competency: BSBIND201 Work effectively in a business environment.

We are passionate about helping graduates get started in their chosen careers. The learning outcomes for this Professional Internship Program include the development of skills and knowledge:

  • To work within organisational requirements
  • To work as part of a team
  • To develop effective workplace habits

In order to achieve these learning outcomes, students will have the opportunity to:

  • Observe, contribute to and participate in business meetings
  • Read relevant organisational documents e.g. position descriptions, policies and procedures
  • Practise professional writing skills including emails, agendas, meeting minutes and reports
  • Establish workplace relationships and build a professional network
  • Build professional business communication skills
  • Expand understanding of the application of legislation in the workplace

The Professional Internship Program is a 16 week program with two stages

Stage 1: Preparation & Interviews

The first stage of the Professional Internship Program is all about getting you ready to ace your internship placement. You will meet with your Placement Consultant who will talk with you to understand more about you and your career goals. You’ll work together to perfect your resume, boost your confidence through our interview workshop, and we will ensure you are ready for the workplace with our online Work Health and Safety (WHS) training. We’ll also be busy matching you to internship opportunities at one of our 6,600 host companies and arranging interviews.

Stage 2: 12 Week Professional Internship Placement

Your internship placement will help you bridge the gap between study and work – you’ll have the opportunity to apply what you have learnt at university to a professional work environment and be involved in work-related tasks and projects relevant to your area of study. Edvise Hub specialises in accounting internships, engineering internships, finance internships, HR internships, IT internships, marketing internships and supply chain/logistics internships. You can find out more about the type of placements our host companies are offering on our internship opportunities page.

  • Be 18 years of age or older
  • Completed or enrolled in a degree or diploma in the area of your nominated internship placement
  • Availability for a minimum of three days a week during office hours for placement
  • IELTS 6.0 score overall with no less than 6.0 in each skill, or equivalent, if applicable
  • Abide by the Edvise Hub Student Code of Conduct, including maintaining professional standards and attitudes at all times at Edvise Hub campuses and at the host company

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