Foundation Program

What is Foundation Program?

The Foundation Program is a university preparation program that helps visitors gain extra scholarly skills to improve their knowledge of a foreign language and adjust to the country of study. Then it will clear that the entrant fulfills all the possible requirements of studying at university

Importance of Foundation program

In different countries, schooling lasts for 11 or 12 years. Everywhere in schools, it takes twelve years to reach secondary educations. Everywhere, even in Australia, UK, USA, Canada and Germany students have to study twelve years to get the degree of secondary education.                                                                                                                                

According to the rule, the process of education includes three levels.                                 

  • Primary                                                              
  • Secondary
  • And the last one prepares students for getting an education in University.

So, primary level of education is not similar to the secondary level of education. For this purpose, the Foundation program is present in every university and it gives students the missed year of their education. Most commonly, it is available for foreign students who take admission to the preparatory university. The foundation program not only prepares the students for specialty but also helps in improving their language. Students can apply to the University of Australia multiple times in a year.

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We offer testing guidance, pair you with teachers, and help you build a testing plan of action

Benefits of foundation program

Foundation programs are courses designed for international native English speaker students. A foundation program provides you a supportive and friendly environment in the first year of University. It provides you a friendly environment so that you could get a lot more from your studies and degree. 

Interesting but disturbing

It is the desire of almost every student to take admission to the university and continue their studies. But they face many challenges that are most probably happen in their way of getting an education. Getting a higher education is far more difficult because it is the first time they are far away from their home. These challenges are very minor for international students. But students should learn some new methods to deal with such types of problems. If they live away from their home then they could learn a new way of living a life.   

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The Foundation program is designed to help international students so that they can easily face all the problems regarding their studies.                                                                          

  • The foundation program helps the young generation in learning good English.

Features of foundation program in different countries

Foundation Program in Canada:                                                              

When a person completes his preparatory courses at any of the Canadian colleges or universities then he/she can apply for admission to the top universities of Canada.  

Foundation Program in Australia:                                                               

The Foundation program is very famous in Australia. Almost 26 Australian universities offer preparatory courses for foreign students. In Australia, the Foundation program is offered by universities and as well as by private colleges.  Every preparatory course has its own time of duration at the universities of Australia. Australian Foundation course includes the English language as well as some other subjects like academic skills.                                                                                                     

Foundation Program in Germany:

Germany Foundation program is called Studienkollegs. Students have a complete option of applying for fee-paying programs. There are some fee-paying programs in Germany offered by private colleges and universities that are almost free of charge. Germany foundation program is a little bit difficult and students need to study 27-32 hours.                          

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