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It is a challenging task to find the appropriate place to live in a new country therefore local knowledge will be helpful. Edvise hub consultants will help students to find and arrange accommodation which is safe and appropriate for you. We have a list of accommodation partners which means that we will guide you to choose from a number of options that fits perfectly according to your requirements. Students may either prefer to stay in groups or alone, it completely depends on their preferences. We provide all the information in detail about the accommodation provider and their track record so that you are comfortable and satisfied. We make sure that your requests are fulfilled in an appropriate manner.

There are various types of accommodation options available for the students who want to study in Australia. Edvise hub can help you find:

  • Homestay arrangements
  • Hotel accommodation until you will find a house on permanent basis.
  • Temporary housing where you can live with international student groups
  • On-campus housing in halls of residence or small apartments
  • Off-campus housing in rooms for rent or apartments

You can contact our consultants today to learn more about accommodation options.

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Even though you came to study and learn in Australia but you cannot miss the opportunity to explore different places in Australia. At some point, you may need to take a break from studies, in that time you can enjoy on and off campus activities.

Edvise hub is not like other student recruitment agencies, because we offer all the services that are required for arranging your travel needs. We offer trips from home to the country at reasonable prices and we also assist our customers in planning a trip back to home at affordable cost. Not only this, we can arrange other travel packages for you when you are staying in Australia. We can provide information about the interesting excursions and activities that are happening in the city where your university is located and beyond. Regular trips are arranged annually by our staff for our students so that they get a chance to meet other people and make some friends. After reaching to your destination country that is Australia, students may not feel comfortable and safe to go out of their university campus but it will prove to be exciting experience for students when they explore new places. You will feel more connected to the Australia and you will emerge profound appreciation for its culture but the best part is the amazing transport system. We will assist you in planning and arrangements necessary for your travel. You can get more information for registering with us by visiting our website.

Travel Services

Generally, the cost of education is lower for international students in Australia as compared to United Kingdom or United States. On the other hand, living cost is also cheaper so the combined cost can be considered reasonable cost for international students.

Many universities and colleges offer the options of full catered boarding. The services may include prepared meals, cleaning and laundry services. The students who avail these facilities are also entitled to other facilities offered by the university such as social activities assistance. You can share a room with others or get a private room. It depends on your convenience but the boarding fee is charged separately. It is not included in tuition fees. The cost of the boarding school is around AUD$30,000 for one year.

There are different options available for student accommodation such as home stay, apartments, halls of residence etc. When international students get an option to live with an Australian family in their home is known as home stay accommodation. You may get a single room or sometimes you have to share with other person. The cost will depend on the room type. The average weekly cost falls between AUD$180 and AUD$250. It includes meal but you can also ask for a self catered hone stay. It gives them an insight of Australian lifestyle in a friendly way. It is popular among students who plan to stay for short courses and secondary students. Edvise Hub consultants will only provide the list of approved and reputable home stay providers. Universities also keep a track of all the families who are prepared to provide a home stay accommodation for international students during their academic career. Farm stay is similar to home stay but the set up is in rural area. Many families treat students as their family members.

In share and rental type of accommodation, international students may have to share a room with other students. If such type of accommodation is available, you will get know by checking student notice board or classified sections of newspapers. Every person will have to cook and clean on their own. They have to purchase their own furniture as well. The average weekly cost falls between AUD$70 and AUD$150.

In residential colleges, you will get a meal with accommodation but this type of accommodation is more expensive than university halls of residence. It is the responsibility of the college to take care of tasks related to cleaning and households. Students will get access to other facilities as well such as sporting, social, tutoring, library, computer etc. The average weekly cost falls between AUD$150 and AUD$250. Every university charge different cost depending on the quality of accommodation that is why we provide a list of residential colleges with the prices. Our consultants will choose the best one for you that suits your needs. We will provide complete details about the residential colleges. Since it is one of the most popular options therefore student should apply for it as soon as possible.

Halls of residence are built at a close distance from university. The cost is lower than that of residential college. Only international students who are studying full time can avail this service. According to them, this option is far better than others. Meals and cleaning services are mostly provided to students. It has high demand so it is better to apply it sooner. The average weekly cost falls between AUD$100 and AUD$150.

Students can also rent out apartments offered by universities that are located near or on campus. It is more secure for students but they have to manage other tasks by themselves. Last year students go for this option.

The option of hostel and guest house accommodation is cheaper than university accommodation but all the members have to share kitchen and bathrooms. They do not get prepared meals so they have to cook for themselves. Secondary and non secondary students can choose this option. Students get the opportunity to increase their social interaction.

Student can choose to live in a private property but the cost of rent is divided among them. Either you can set up a household with other students who are willing to live together with you or you all can move to a household that already exists but may not be well furnished. Students will have to purchase their own furniture or carry the one they already have. Students will have to make upfront and advance payments in rental agreements.

The consultants at Edvise Hub will provide all the details about the accommodation options that suitable for you. We choose the best one for you that will satisfy your needs. We will make all the arrangements before you even arrive in Australia.

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